YAI 470 49er NACRA Open Sailing Championship 2022
Team TNSA bags all top Medals AGAIN!

The YAI 470 49er NACRA OPEN SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 of Olympic Class boats was held between 20th and 24th May 2022 at INWTC Mumbai.
This event was held under the aegis of the Yachting Association of India and hosted by the Indian Naval Watermanship Training Centre (INWTC) - Colaba, Mumbai.

This is the second ranking event to be hosted in the month of May hosted by INWTC, back-to-back. The Organising Authority – INWTC Mumbai again excelled with ease! Kudos to Cdr Bakshi and his team once again!

The Race Committee was chaired by International Race Officers Sub. Chatturvdi and Sub. Chandrashekar on course Alpha and course Bravo. The international Jury consisted of Mr. Ilker Bayindir (Turkey), Mr. Leonard Chin (Malaysia), Mr. Mark Pryke (Australia), Maj. Gen Pillai (retd.), Lt. Aman Vyas,Ms. Ananya Siwatch & Col. Satish Kanwar. The Technical Committee was chaired by National Measurer Cdr M L Sharma (Retd) assisted by Vishnu Chandrabose, AN Swamy, Ms Sucharita Kamat & Ram Lal. The Classes of boats sailed were , NACRA 17, 470, 49er, 49er FX, ILCA 4,iQFOiL (Men) & iQFOiL (Women). Total number of 84 sailors participants from across the country.

TNSA had the following participating in the following classes and their positions in the fleet: 49er – Varun Thakkar & K C Ganapathy – 1st - Gold
NACRA 17 – Jayalakshmi – 1st - Gold
iQFoil (women) – Ishwariya Ganesh – 2nd - Silver
iQFOiL (men) – Sachin Ganesh – 3rd – Bronze
In short, ALL PARTICIPANTS from TNSA were medal winners! Though our participation was in small numbers out medal haul was commendable. Well done TEAM TNSA!